Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Get ready for Autumn / Winter 2017

As summer slowly drifts away, in creeps Autumn. I have to admit Autumn / Winter is not my favourite time of the year, purely because I hate the cold. But I do enjoy watching the leaves turn rustic red to warm brown, with the golden sun shining brightly. However with the switch in weather / season, this of course means revamping the skincare routine. Personally, my skin goes berserk; dry, tight and very dull, and as a result, I have to start introducing products which are moisturising and soothing for my skin.


Hair care 

My hair . . a bit of wind / rain, and boom, my hair turns to straw. Dry, brittle and a little unmanageable. My scalp also gets very dry; itchy and sore due to the moisture being sucked out of my hair / scalp. As a result I oil my scalp and hair with the Mango and Lime Jamaican Black Castor Oils w/ Lavender. Some may think ''gosh, that's heavy'', well actually it's not. A little goes a long way, and it smells incredible. I find using this oil keeps my scalp well moisturised, and my hair shiny and bouncy. Not only that but castor oil is known for its properties in aiding hair growth and thickness. A hair oil which is not cheap, but it does the job well which I guess you can't complain / sniff at.

Body care 

Dry, sore, pale itchy skin . .my absolute pet peeve during the autumn / winter months. Without fail, I do not leave my home without having moisturised my body from head to toe. If there is one thing I do not mess around with in my day to day routine it's my body care routine. For me it's important to ensure I inject ample moisturise into my skin to last throughout the day, otherwise I find my skin becomes irritated and very dull in appearance. Throughout the year I tend to use body butters which are thick in consistency, have good longevity and smell amazing. For extra moisturise I tend to also mix coconut oil / shea butter, which is an absolute god send. Some may think ''Ooo that sounds really greasy'', well actually you'd be surprised. Used sparingly and wisely, and worked well into the skin, this instantly replenishes the skin, injecting the lost moisture almost instantly. I love using it and combined with my body butter and the 2 x oils, smells divine.

Skin care 

I, well my face, is very fussy what is used on it. Not everything agrees and I tend to not like adding too many lotions and potions, otherwise we have a problem, aka breakout! Therefore I tend to keep my skincare routine similar throughout the year, but maybe adding a few extra moisturising face masks and adding a teeny weeny bit of an oil to replace the moisturise lost from the cold weather. At the moment I am loving the Origins 'Never a Dull Moment' skin brightening face polisher, with fruit extracts. A lovely soft and gentle facial scrub that really does leave the skin glowing after use. We all know the winter months can suck the living daylights from us, but this scrub brings the face 'back to life', leaving it soft, plump, and brighter.

And there you have it . . a brief little run down of what I tend to focus on during the autumn / winter months. It is not an exhaustive list, but those are my 'go to' staples each year. So if you are yet to revamp your routine(s), or are in need of changing things up for the latter part of the year, now is your time to make those changes.

What is YOUR current routine? What are YOUR go to favourite products? I would love to hear your thoughts.

*This post is in collaboration with L'occitane


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