Saturday, 13 May 2017

Memories with Dad

A car journey is often that . . a tedious boring journey, with the constant thought at the back of your mind ''Are we there yet?'' . . . words every child (and adult) has mumbled at some point in their lives.  But I bet some of those journeys have been eventful and entertaining? . . .well, I sure have had one or two, in particular with my Dad.

As part of the Thanks Dad campaign in the run up to Fathers Day, I thought I would share some of my memorable journeys with my Dad.
My Dad very seldom drives, he prefers to walk everywhere unless the final destination is far and beyond. But when he does drive or he's in the car . . .it's nothing but entertaining and 'drama'. Instead of embellishing one particular trip, I thought I would share several with you, which may jog some of your memories for journeys you've had with your Dad

School Pick Up

I remember I was 4 years old. My mum was the one who usually took me / picked me up from school. My Dad was learning to drive, so obviously she did all the driving.
The end of a school day came, and I was greeted in the playground by my mum, and escourted to the car. As I got nearer I spotted someone in the driving seat, but it wasn't until I got into the car I realised it was my Dad. He needed to practice his driving, so he would be driving us home. Mum strapped me in tightly and securely into the car, mum buckled up too, and this is where the fun and games began.
(I remember this journey so well) . . .all newbie learner drivers, 'bunny hop'! Well, that's what the entire journey consisted of . . pretty sure Dad would have put a Kangaroo out of business that day!!! A short journey, turned into what felt like an eternity. My mum trying to help my dad with clutch control, my dad getting stressed and annoyed at himself, while I sat patiently in the back with a packet of crisps without a care in the world.

Airport drama

My brother and I travelled to the airport to collect our Dad, who had returned from the Caribbean. We arrived in plenty of time, well before the plane had landed so had chance to grab a coffee and chillout. We made our way to the arrivals gate, and waited patiently for Dad. We waited and waited and waited and waited . . .no Dad. At one point we started to get a little concerned, even calling home to talk to mum and ask if she had heard from Dad, to which she had not. Shortly after hanging up the phone, there was my Dad, extremely cross / unhappy and not best pleased. We all love duty free, so before dad left the caribbean he took advantage and purchased booze. But unfortunately for him he had too much, over the allowed allowance, and as a result, his booze was confiscated by security! The journey home was a very quiet one; frosty, to say the least. His mobile was constantly ringing, with family and friends wanting to talk to him, and of course everyone got the 'low down' on what had happened.
Til this very day, my dad still talks about that incident, and has since never purchased any booze in duty free.
Lesson learnt = abide by the rules!

Sunday Trip to Clarks Village


My Dad is a huge fan of Clarks shoes, so one Sunday we both decided to pay the outlet a little visit. I had always wanted to go but didn't fancy driving nearly 2 hours on my own, so having Dad beside me for company was very much appreciated.  My Dad and I very seldom have time to ourselves, so this was a great opportunity to catch up and natter during the journey.
Before setting off on our journey, dad helped me to check the car; tyre pressures, water / oil levels. This is something I usually do, but having my dad do this was much appreciated. Visiting somewhere new is never easy especially when you're driving and trying to navigate / suss out where the heck you are going. So I put dad in charge of navigation / spotting signs to direct us successfully to Clarks Village. Not only that, but Dad acted as a '2nd pair of eyes', watching out for the 'idiots' who fail to use their indicators / wing mirrors! But a journey which would have put me on 'edge' was actually very calm and relaxed, as I had support beside me, which in the end wasn't as bad as I thought.

So thank you Dad for all your help, support and confidence throughout the years, without this input, I wouldn't be the young lady that I am today.

What memorable car journeys have you had with your Dad? Would love to hear your stories.


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