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Holiday Suitcase Essentials

As if we're almost half way through the year . . .scary, but exciting as we're into 'holiday season' (YAY). I LOVE this time of year; the sun is shining, lots of pretty clothes in shops, and everyone is generally is such a good mood. And of course many of us are planning / jetting off on fabulous holidays.
Now although we all dream of relaxing and chilling by a poolside, with a cocktail and a good book, I always find the packing part the most stressful. ''What items of clothing shall I take . . . How many pairs of shoes do I need . . . Is my suitcase overweight . . .Do I need to take all these products . . .Shall I buy those mossie creams at the airport''. These are thoughts which always cross my mind when packing for a sunny holiday so I thought I'd put together a little post on holiday essentials - things which I deem necessary / a must to pack in my suitcase. So here goes . . . 

Passport / Money / Visa / Travel Documents

Self explanatory but you'll definitely NEED your Passport, Money and Travel documents  before travelling, VISA permitting depending on your status / holiday destination. Always ensure you have these documents sorted well in advance of travel, and check expiry dates on passports. I tend to ensure everything is up to date the minute I book the holiday, so if something is out of date, or needs attention I have plenty of time to get it sorted before travelling.

Money - I always ensure I have currency, so should I need to book a taxi / make a call / buy food or drink, I am able to do so with ease, without having to 'faff' about trying to exchange some money.
Tip: never change all your money before travel; the exchange rate is usually better when you arrive at your destination, so you get that little bit extra for your ££!

Reading Material

My aim these days is to travel as light as possible, so I no longer take physical books and only use my iPad. A bit of a love / hate relationship for some, but personally it works well for me, plus it has other features, i.e. games, to keep my occupied whilst sat on a very long and boring flight!
Tip: download any reading material prior to flying / jetting off on holiday; saves struggling to download / purchase books when you're abroad, especially if the internet connection isn't very good.

Sunscreen / Aftersun

Having dark skin, many people think I am 'invincible' to being sunburnt, err nah! Skin is skin, sun is sun = you will get burnt, end of! I cannot stress this enough, but SPF SPF SPF! Your skin will thank you for it in later years to come. If you are off on a sunny holiday, then ensure you have sufficient sunscreen to protect your skin throughout the duration of your trip. I tend to use the Garnier Ambre Solaire Light and Silky SPF 30 for my body, and Paula's Choice Resist Anti-Aging Youth Extending Moisturiser SPF 50 for my face. However the sun can be very dehyrating to the skin so it's always a good idea to use After Sun to soothe and re hydrate the skin; I tend to use the Garnier Ambre Solaire Soothing Hydrating Lotion.
Tip: if you you don't have a lot of weight allowance, purchase sunscreen / aftersun at the airport in duty free! Prices are no different to the High Street so you're not losing out, money wise.


I love music, so there is noway I would be going on holiday without my iPod especially on those long boring flights. Plus I find it's a good way to help 'zone out'; assist with inducing sleep and drowning out the terrible plane sounds and other passengers!
Tip: if you'll be listening to music 24/7, don't forget your iPod charger and travel adapter!


If it moves, *SNAP!* That's me, ok well I'm not that bad, but you get the jist. Taking pictures are a great way of capturing those unmissable / fleeting moments especially with the 4K Compact System Camera Panasonic currently has to offer. A simple point, shoot and save gadget, with a 16 megapixels sensor that captures more details and produces sharper images.
Tip: If you take lots of pictures, ensure you have a spare battery / memory cards. 


When the sun shines brightly you need to protect those eyes from the UV rays. It's a must! Obsessed with my Chanel 5322 Dark Havana shades, these sunglasses have served me well especially the polarised lens which are great if you're near water or driving. They are also big enough to hide those dark circles, and pretty much look fabulous with any outfit.
Tip: ensure the sunglasses you select offer a good UV protection!


Walking around in temperatures of high / intense heat, the sensitive / unprotected areas, i.e. lips / tops of ears are going to 'feel it', so I ensure I coat my lips in the Paula's Choice Lipscreen which is SPF 50. There is no taste / smell to the balm, but it is reasonably thick in consistency and actually does its job well. Rather pricey, but hey . . it's better to protect and be safe, than be sorry . . .
Tip: make sure your lip screen has a high SPF.


I practically live in sandals when on holiday, or bare feet (hate flip flops). So I usually pack about 2 / 3 pairs (2 x white, and 1 black) which match most outfits. I tend to purchase leather sandals, purely because they are more friendly towards my feet in terms of comfort and they don't 'hold' sweat!
Tip: visit the Zalando / Aldo websites, there is a wide selection of sandals at reasonable prices.


Ok, no holiday is complete without a bit of lounging by the pool / in the sea, or 'safe' sunbathing, so of course a bikini is a MUST! I tend to take several bikinis with me, and being of a large bust I tend to purchase all from the brand, Pour Moi. Bikinis / swimsuits to cater for most bust size, in great designs. They are incredibly comfortable, are a superb fit and very reasonable in price.
Tip:  check the website frequently, for amazing discounts and bargains.

And there you have it, my holiday essentials. Of course, not everything is explained / showcased but it gives you a general jist / idea of the things I take on holiday.

What are YOUR holiday essentials? I would love to hear your thoughts.

*This post is in collaboration with Panasonic


  1. Pretty much all of the what you mentioned are all my essential too! I'd also pack a massive inflatable because you know, Instagram worthy, haha! xx


  2. Great post, Cassie! It's always useful to have a kind of checklist when packing as I tend to forget the obvious! I love reading from physical books but you can't beat the convenience of taking your iPad on holiday for reading, it's much too easy to use your whole suitcase weight allowance on books otherwise!

    Abbey ❤️

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading.

      Travelling nowadays just seems to get more and more difficult, and with airlines becoming stricter on weight allowance and case dimensions, packing as light / savvy as possible, is a must! I use to be that person who took the entire kitchen sink, but not anymore.

  3. Fantastic summer travel tips! Very detailed post.



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