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What I wore to Cheltenham Festival 2017 'Ladies Day'

When an opportunity arises to dust off my favourite pair of heels, cut the tag from a new skirt, and break open the seal on a new lipstick,  I'm all for it. I hold my hands up, I am a sucker for dressing up; the opportunity to transform from A to B, I love it. With the invitation from Ladbrokes to attend Ladies Day at Cheltenham Festival, this was a perfect opportunity to dress glam and fabulous, and really go to town on an colourful outfit of choice.

Cheltenham Festival spans over 4 days, and often the weather is somewhat unpredictable. The introduction of #ColourMeMarch for Ladies Day was introduced as a way to encourage ladies to dress in bright colourful outfits to brighten up the festival / racecourse. Each year there is a competition for the 'Best Dressed', and the prizes are insane. ColourMeMarch only started a few years ago, and what a difference it makes to the day and the crowds. It feels uplifting, with fellow racegoers in high spirits, and it really puts you in the mood for spring. Ladies Day is all about colour, and so I opted for a colour that made a statement but suited my skin tone.

Some of you may or may not remember during the boxing day sales, I managed to 'snap up' the gorgeous Coast High Low Jacquard skirt at a bargain price. When I originally saw the skirt, I instantly fell in love with it and was dying to wear it. So of course, it was no surprise that skirt would be making an appearance at Ladies Day. A very classy, but stylish and eye catching piece, with a high / low cut finish. A skirt which oozes with quality and detail that could be seen from afar amongst the crowds. Tulle material underneath the skirt, delicately and carefully placed, giving a slight flared looked.

Because my skirt was the statement piece of my outfit, I didn't want my makeup to be OTT, so I kept it simple and straightforward. Not only that, I also didn't want to keep topping up makeup during the day, so I wanted products with good longevity and pigmentation.

First things first, I used the Mary Kay foundation primer. If I am honest I have never used any other, as this works perfectly well. I simply applied ample sized dots of product onto my face, worked well into my skin before leaving to set for a 15 / 20 minutes. By doing so allows the product to absorb well, creating a canvas that allows foundation to go on evenly and smoothly.

A popular choice of foundation but the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation . . .seriously it is amazing. Shade used '6W1 Sandalwood', perfect match for my skin tone, which is warm, with a golden undertone. A medium - full coverage foundation, which is long wearing, smudge free, and lightweight. I used this with a damp blending sponge, and spent 20 - 25 minutes really working the product well into my skin, for a flawless finish. Once  finished, I left the base to set whilst I moved onto the eye area.

Eyes . . .I kept it very simple; threaded my eyebrows, filled in the sparse areas with a light dusting of a dark brown eyebrow pencil. Brushed the product through with my eyebrow brush to evenly distribute the product, and that was it. For the eyelashes, a quick curl with my eyelash curler, followed by a few coats of the MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara in 'Black'. Done!

Again, not wanting to go overboard on colour, over accentuate my makeup, I opted for a light touching of my Lancome Blush Subtil 'Rose Sable' for my cheeks. A subtle pink that goes well on dark skin, without looking too bright / in your face. Once happy with the look, I did a quick sweep with my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Deep Dark' to give light setting of my makeup so far.

Now for the lips . . . statement skirt calls for statement lipstick, yes? Ok. I opted for Charlotte Tilburys' 'Red Carpet Red', with 'Savage Rose' lip liner. Very fussy on red lipstick, but these two seriously, amazing. Great pigmentation, and it lasted practically all day, which was incredibly impressive. And that was it! Once everything was applied, I was happy with my final look, a quick spritz of the NYX Matte Finish setting spray, which I have to say is pretty impressive, and I was done.

Now onto my outfit . . .  . 

📷: Outfit pictures taken by @katiecharlotteblogs

As mentioned previously, the weather at this racecourse is incredibly unpredictable, and as I get cold very easily, I didn't want to chance it and shiver the entire day. So decided to dress sensibly.

I opted for the 'Kemara' 3/4 length sleeved jacket from Coast, which has a slight peplum pleat detailing at the back. Sat just on my hips and coming in slightly at the waist, this flowed effortlessly with the skirt. To add a bit of colour to the top part of my outfit, I opted for a red short sleeved top, with lace detailing.

For my headwear, the vision I had for head attire, I could not find at all, and with time ticking, I literally lost the will to live. As a last resort, I turned to google and managed to get this cute little red / black 'hatinator'; complemented with a beautiful feather and flower design.

No outfit is complete without handbag and shoes. My trusty black clutch from Debenhams which has served me well came out for the day, along with my favourite pair of heels, which I seldom wear, Christian Louboutin 'Simple 85'. Patent black, with red sole, perfect pair of shoes to match the whole ensemble I wore on Ladies Day.

The outfits this year were simply amazing; literally an outfit in every colour from the rainbow. And to top it off, the spring sunshine was glorious; which really did make colours 'pop' just that little bit more. 
I was also surprised to be approached by one of the #ColourMeMarchWOW spotters, who presented me with a specially made W.O Lewis Badge. Being given this badge put me in with a winning chance of taking home one of the incredible prizes, i.e. Mini Cooper! Unfortunately no luck winning the mini, or any bets for that matter, but it was still lovely to have been presented with the badge, which is really nice.

It was such a great day, I didn't want the day to end, although my feet were protesting by 6:30pm!. But thank you again to Ladbrokes and Carrie (@CarrieRosePR), for a wonderful day.  

What colour would your outfit be if you were to attend Cheltenham Festival Ladies Day?

Would love to hear your thoughts.


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