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How I Savvy Shop | Boxing Day Sales

Sales . . Sales . . .Sales . . I will be honest, I don't usually bother with end of season sales because 9 times out of 10, a) the items of clothing are covered in foundation, b) there is never anything in my size, and c) the item / product looks like it has been dragged through a hedge backwards! Plus there is only so many elbow jabs I can put up with from aggressive shoppers! However when Christmas comes around, I usually have a different mind set.

We all know a lot of places over inflate products as a means to cash in whilst the entire country goes into christmas frenzy, with the attitude of ''Oh sod it, I'll buy it . . it's christmas''. Great for the brands / companies, not so for your bank balance! However during this period,  I spend the time browsing and thinking ''Will this hit the sales?''. Don't get me wrong, I am still doing my shopping, buying what has been requested and remaining sensible, but as I make my way round the shops, I make mental notes on items I really want / will use / wear. This year I saw a few things which I knew I wanted to treat myself to, but my god, did I have to act fast in order to get them!

Instead of battling the High Street, I decided to do all my sale shopping online. A bit of a different way to shop the sales, but I was able to stay in my cosy bed, with a warm cup of tea, and not have to battle my way through the crowds to get the few little things I wanted. Boxing Day sales usually start, well, Boxing Day, but this year, the sales more or less started just after 6.00pm on christmas eve! Literally shops shut, and by 6.30pm, everything had been slashed to 50% - 70% off. Insane!

Beauty | Boots

Oh I do love Boots at Christmas time.

Every year brands such as Ted Baker, No7, Jack Wills, FCUK, Soap and Glory, The Sanctuary, release huge hamper gift sets. These are usually jam packed with many favourite items which are a great way of stocking up for the year. One brand in particular, Soap and Glory, is very much the culprit of this, often creating a frenzy amongst many. But what I discovered in the run up to christmas, Boots now have 'Star Gift of the Week';  selected gift hamper sets at a reduced price for one week. God knows how, but I didn't know Boots did this until the beginning of December last year, and even more gutting I somehow missed the week Soap and Glory's gift set, 'The Whole Glam Lot', was Star Gift of the week. Silly Billy Cassie! However at the back of my mind, I knew this would be going into sale again, and I was right. This huge set I managed to get for £30.00, RRP £60.00. Considering there are 10 items in the set, at least 3 of those cost in the region of £10.00 each, I think this is one almighty bargain!

Total Saving: £30.00

Of course, I couldn't just leave the website with 1 item, I also snapped up the Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden 'Make a Wish' gift set. Absolutely love sanctuary products, in fact between my mum and I we could literally open our own shop. Seriously. This gift set is full of many wonderful sanctuary products; some of which are sanctuary's best sellers. I find they are such good quality, and they smell divine. Very luxurious, reasonably good quality, and last a long time. I'm quite fussy in terms of fragrances; products that smell sickly, I run a mile because I don't want to smell like a parma violet, or a cherry chapstick. Sanctuary have their own distinctive scent, which is not overpowering, but this is what I most about the brand. The RRP for this set was £45.00, however sale price, £22.50. Another bargain banked. Kerching!

Total saving: £22.50

Fashion | John Lewis - Coast Carmen Jacquered High / Low Skirt

My friend and I went to John Lewis a few weeks before Christmas, and of course headed for the women's department. Immediately I spotted a gorgeous high low jacquard red / black floral skirt in Coast. I'm not usually one for floral dresses / skirts / tops, but there was something about this skirt that just caught my attention. However the RRP was £129.00 which I did think was a little on the pricey side, but Coast do pride themselves in creating quality items, so you do get your moneys worth.

I saw the skirt on Next's sale website, for £60.00. After checking John Lewis, Coast, Debenhams, everywhere else had sold out. But by chance I visited John Lewis' website again a few days later, and saw they had stock but had further reduced the skirt to £49.00. Couldn't believe my eyes, so I snapped up a size 10, and was so impressed once it arrive. Fearing it wouldn't fit, considering the amount I have devoured these past few weeks, it fits like an absolute glove. Amazing quality, beautiful fit, and such a stunning statement piece.  Styled with my favourite shoes, Christian Louboutin Simple 85, a black clutch (not pictured), and a simple black either strappy or bardot top, a stylish outfit that is sure to be an eye catcher. At £49.00, I don't think this is at all a bad purchase, a very good buy,

Total saving: £80.00

Lifestyle | Card Factory

Bit of a controversial one, but Christmas cards . .  some people love them, some despise of them, but for me personally I love them. I love sending them and I love buying them, however in recent years I have found cards to creep up in price. As a result, I tend to head to the Card Factory; reasonable in price, with good variety.

Christmas cards last year I actually bought all of mine in September, why? Because the shops are so much calmer. However I ended up spending £20.00+ on cards, all of which were going abroad. Card shops especially at christmas tend to over buy on stock, but once Christmas Day has passed, they want rid of it asap, which is why it's a great way to stock up on cards for the following year. Some may say ''you're a cheapskate / mean'', but I see it as saving in 2 ways. You're reducing your stress levels for the following festive season (if you've ever been into a card shop during December / few days before christmas . .you'll know exactly what I mean), and you're saving some money. It may not be a lot perhaps, but that's extra cash that can go towards something else.

I did have to leave my house to get these cards (surprisingly the shop was actually 'dead'), but I managed to get cards that were reduced by 50 - 70% which is a bargain. There were a few cards I was unable to get, but the majority I managed to tick off my list. In total I paid £4.96 for a stack of cards that should have cost £15+. Savvy shopping!

. . .And that was it! So how much did I save?

= £137.46

Pretty decent saving. 

Boxing Day Sales 2016, I think has been the most sensible shopping I have done in a very long time. As mentioned previously I use to spend silly amounts, never use / wear what I bought, and then either end up throwing away or giving to charity.  But I believe shopping in the manner that I did, by making mental notes / jotting things down that I could see myself making use of, most definitely helped curb my spending, and not behave like I needed everything on the shelves.

Are you a fan of Boxing Day sales, if so what did you buy? Or do you absolutely loathe them? 

Would love to hear your thoughts.



  1. Looks like you got some really good deals! I havent really done that much shopping in the Christmas/ early year sales! Loving the skirt :)

    Foirell |

    1. Thank you :) Surprisingly, there are still some christmas items left in stores, which boggles my mind as in previous years, the shelves would have been cleared by New Year. Guess people's spending habits have changed somewhat . . or online shopping has been the nemesis for many lol

  2. Great savings and deals! I love a bargain all year round.


    1. Can't beat a bargain / deal especially after Christmas / Boxing Day:)


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