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What's in my handbag?

A bit of a cliche blogpost, but 'what's in my handbag', c'mon . . who doesn't love these posts? We're all a bit nosey in some way shape of form, plus I find it's a great opportunity to have a good clear out. If like me, well the majority I guess, I accumulate a lot of rubbish, which often gets buried deep into the crevice of my bag. Out comes the odd hair grip. A few crumbs. Chewing gum packaging. Loose coins seeking a home. You name it, my bag has endured it.

Modalu Pippa Classic Leather Grab Bag 'Aquamarine' 


I'm not one for buying handbags every single week; simply because I cannot be bothered to keep 'switching' up the contents, plus I lack space. However when I spot a bag, I go hell for leather on it. Earlier this year, I had a mini operation on my foot, of course signed off work, at home bored, what else could I do to occupy myself . .shop! I spotted this bag on the John Lewis website, and I ordered it straight away. Gorgeous colour, which stands out from the norm, plus the bag is of a good size. The bag has 3 compartments, plus 2 front pockets, a pocket inside, and a strap which I can attach should I want the 'cross body' look. I can fit (as pictured) a lot of items in this bag, plus it is of good quality; leather and very sturdy. As with most handbags I have ever purchased, I got this beauty on sale; RRP £239, but purchased at £111. Absolute steal!


Modalu Pippa Wallet 'Aquamarine' 

Well it would have been rude not to have a purse to match my handbag, right? Over the years I have had a variety of purses / wallets, but none of them have ever been 'right'. This one I feel is perfect; 2 x compartments for coins, with an inner zip pocket, ample card slots, with a reasonable size for notes. I am also able to fit my phone (iPhone 6s) into the coin compartment, without overstretching the wallet. Again this was another bargain steal; RRP £59.00, purchased at £47.20.

Apple iPhone 6s Rose Gold

A necessity to have in my handbag. Not one day goes by whereby I don't have my phone nearby. As with the majority of people, I use my phone every single day. Sad to say it is my 3rd arm,but my whole life is on it; from diary / planner to, TMI, but period tracker! Although the battery is a pain in the backside, I do find my iPhone to be such a good all round handset.


I am known by some as the 'walking pharmacy'. You name it, I will have something lurking in the depths of my handbag. Nothing worse, in my opinion, than going somewhere and being struck with something unpleasant going on in your body. So I like to walk with such for emergencies. I usually have on my person Nurofen / Migraine Nurofen, Piriton, Buscopan; all of which for me personally work extremely well. Some of these are a bit of the expensive, i.e. Nurofen Migraine, but I honestly don't mind paying the price tag when I know it works.

Hand Cream

I am obsessed with hand cream. Literally I have tubes of it everywhere; bedside table, car, work desk, kitchen, however I am very selective in what I use. There are some hand creams on the high street which are not moisturising at all; literally a bit of scent, mixed with a cream-like substance, which takes forever and a day to sink into the skin. With having dark skin, which tends to get extremely dry during autumn / winter, personally I find Nivea Smooth Nourishing and Palmers Coconut Oil hand creams both incredibly moisturising. They smell great, sink well into the skin, and last a pretty long time (I use both every single day). However some may say they are a bit on the pricey side, but they do the job well so I'm not going to argue with that.

Mont Bleu Swarovski Glass Nail File

Just when you get your nails to a nice length, one decides to split / snap, and this I find use to happen when I never had a file on me. Without fail now I always have my trusty glass nail file in my handbag; a nail file which is a lot more friendlier to your nails than emery boards, which snag / split your nails faster. Some people think having a glass nail file costs an absolute fortune, when actually, they are pretty reasonable. I was sent this nail file for consideration a few years ago by Mont Bleu, and I still have it today. Excellent quality, hasn't snapped (considering how rough I have been with it at times), and it still files my nails well without snagging. As for price, I think these RRP for £10, if that, which is a great price.


Have had this brush for a considerably long time . .coming to think of it, perhaps it needs throwing away? But you know when you find 'that' item that just does it for you . . yes this is it. Although the brush doesn't really go through my hair from root to end, it does help smooth those fly away hairs which irritate me. I often have my hair 1/2 up, 1/2 down so usually my issue are my sides which tend to go a bit berserk, especially when it's windy. This bristle brush does the job mighty well; slick those edges, and hey presto!, job done. I honestly cannot remember how much this brush was but it can't have been more than £3?

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Twist and Spray

There isn't one day, well apart from when I'm poorly, that I don't leave the house without perfume. Literally just as I step through the door, I spritz my wrists and I'm good to go. I don't carry huge bottles with me, instead I carry my trusty Chanel twist and spray bottle. Great handbag perfume bottle which consists of 3 x 20ml refills. I am fortunate that I get to travel once a year, so I always buy this at the airport. RRP £57, duty free approximately £47 (August 2016). I tend to use this as and when I feel the need to; sometimes when heading out for after work drinks, or evenings out with friends.


Had my eyes tested last year, and my sight is beginning to go awol. Ok, I don't mean unable to see, but in terms of concentration for daily tasks that why is why I was prescribed glasses. I mainly wear them for computer work, or when my eyes get a bit tired. I tend not to wear them religiously as I don't want my eyes to get use to wearing glasses, and then needing to wear them permanently. My glasses I got from Specsavers on a pretty good deal; 2 pairs for the price of £99, plus a little NUS discount! Bargain! P

Carex Moisture Plus Hand Gel

I am pretty good when it comes to personal hygiene, perhaps borderline OCD, but after getting a tummy bug last summer (horrendous), I ensure hand gel is in my handbag at all times. I have tried out many but I always find myself going back to the Carex Hand Gel. This particular one I find pretty pleasant; smells great, doesn't dry out my skin, and absorbs quickly into the skin. RRP £1, however can fluctuate in price depending where you purchase.


A MUST MUST MUST for any handbag! You never know when that unexpected sneeze will creep up on you, sudden cry fest, or visiting the ladies toilets; you do your business, turn to the toilet roll holder, only to find there is no toilet paper 🙈. . .hate that!   

Singapore Mirror

I never use to carry a mirror with me, as I always thought people would think I was vain for constantly looking at myself! *eye roll* But actually I now see the huge benefits of having one in my possession. This little cute mirror was given to me by my mums' friend, who visited Singapore. It is a double mirror, with one side being magnified so you can get 'up close and personal' with yourself! Lightweight, cute and neat for a handbag that doesn't take up a great deal of space in a pocket.


I very seldom listen to music through headphones but sometimes I get the urge to and that's part reasoning why they are in my handbag. They aren't anything special, in fact they are a tad tatty, but they're just bog standard Apple headphones which can easily plug into my iPhone or iPod.

Korres Mandarin Lip Butter Stick SPF 15 'Rose'

I'm not one for wearing lipstick every single day, however I am a huge fan of lipbalm. Literally every minute at my desk, I'm there gazing out the window whilst I reapply, especially during autumn / winter months. I have had this lip butter stick for quite sometime; it is incredibly moisturising, keeps lips well protected, but leaves a slight hue / tint, adding a bit of colour. I purchased from Liberty's; £6.50 but this is a price which is pretty similar with other retailers. Pricey for lipbalm, but it is 2 in 1 . . .

Go Ahead Crispy Slices 'Cherry'

Sometimes when I am out and about in a rush, I don't always have chance to have meals at the right times. As a result I then get majorly hungry, to the point of serious hunger 'pangs', and on the verge of passing out. I now ensure I always have these bars in my handbag; they're great little snacks that fill that void temporarily until you are able to have a proper meal. I often pick these up in a pack of 5 from many supermarkers for £1, which isn't too bad really.

Fulton Polka Dot Umbrella

It's the UK . . umbrella is an essential handbag item. You never know when the sudden downpour will decide to sprinkle on your hair do, and destroy it in a flash. This little umbrella I picked up in House of Fraser, £10.00. Previous umbrellas never served me longer than a few months, because they were rubbish and literally turned inside at the slightest bit of wind. This one is very sturdy and has stood up against some blustery wind and heavy downfall experienced in previous weeks.

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at the contents of my handbag.

Do you have the world and his wardrobe in your handbag, or are you a minimalist / clutter free handbag user? Would love to hear your thoughts.



  1. The colour of that bag is stunning.
    My handbag is so messy, and I clean it once a week. I always promise that it's going to be better but I'll never change haha
    Charli Blogs: Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Animals

    1. It's gorgeous, isn't it? I saw it and instantly fell in love with it, so had to purchase.
      Haha I have to clear out once a week, otherwise I accumulate so much, to the point where I can't find anything lol *Facepalm* :)

  2. Ooooh what a lovely bag! I love the colour!

    I have to have handcream because my hands get so dry, and I always have to have an umbrella because British weather is unpredictable weather.


    1. Thank you; spring / summer handbag :)

      Yes, me too. Literally I have to carry handcream around with me all the time; hate having dry hands / skin lol.


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