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REVIEW: Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush

About fifteen years ago, I received a HoMedics Ultra Facial Cleansing and Microdermabrasion kit from my Mum. At the age of fifteen, I had absolutely no idea what it was, what it was for or how to even operate it. I was a lazy teenager, who literally just ate, slept and gossiped most days / evenings with friends, and attended school and ballet classes. But it was during that period my skin really was not at its best, and to be honest my skin hasn't really been great ever since.

My late teens / early twenties, my skin really did give me the run around. I literally switched up my skin routine / products so many times to try and stop the zits from rampaging across my face, but nothing really helped. Although the contraceptive pill did control the zits, but after 6 years use, I took myself off it. Literally no idea what else to try, I had a lightbulb moment, the skincare kit I received from my Mum I decided to give this a try. Unfortunately because I hadn't used it, everything inside the kit no longer worked. But during this point is when the Clarisonic really started to take off; in fact it was the most talked about product I had ever seen. Literally every man and his dog had a Clarisonic; I wanted one but they were, and still are, incredibly expensive and as my mum said ''You aren't going to use it''.

Fast forward to 2016, the beauty market is now saturated with cleansing brushes. All claiming to do the same / similar things, i.e.clear complexion, brighter and softer skin. Whilst perusing the aisles of TKMaxx / HomeSense, I spotted the Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush. Intrigued I did some research and soon realised this was a cleansing brush, at a superb price, which I snapped up immediately. 


What is the Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush?

In a nutshell, it is a cleansing brush that has vibra sonic technology which acts to really deep cleanse the pores. There is no need to scrub your skin raw or press too firm, as the vibrations are doing the work for you. To begin with I was a bit hesitant thinking ''I hope the bristles do not aggravate my skin too much and break me out'', but actually the brush head is really soft and when in use it is incredibly gentle on the skin.

Although the cleansing brush does come pre-charged, you can use straight away, but it is advised you give the cleansing brush a solid 24 hours charge. Don't worry about possibly damaging the charging point, as it is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower. What's fascinating with this is the charger is magnetic; you place the magnetic clink charger onto the bottom of the front of the handle. Connect one end of the USB cable into the base of the charger and the other end into a USB power source (an iphone charger or laptop). Pretty amazing concept, huh? Once the charge is complete, which is indicated by a solid light you are good to go. There are two cleansing modes with this brush:

Daily Cleanse

Before use, I always run the brush under hot water, as a mini clean of the brush head. Dampen face / brush and then apply your cleanser. I also add a small pea sized amount of my cleanser to the brush, just so I can ensure the product is evenly distributed across my face. To use you press once and you will begin to hear vibrations; move the brush around in small circles at each T-zone area of your face. I personally start on my chin, then followed by my cheeks, and then forehead. You will also know when to move onto the next section as after 20 seconds you will hear a beep informing you to move on. This I think is brilliant; as it saves your skin from being over-cleansed, becoming sore and irritated.  

PulseLift Toning


To start toning you face, you need to press the button again, and you will hear a pulsating sound. This acts like a mini DIY home facial massage, and in fact is a great way to plump / tone the skin, giving your skin a glowing appearance.

Using both modes on a regular basis, you will begin to notice you skin improve and the products you use on a day / night basis, work a lot more effectively. I for one have noticed especially at night my night cream sinks in a lot better to my skin, and that improvement I noticed after one use!!

After use, I give the brush a quick rinse under warm / hot water, ensuring all soap residue has been removed, before replacing the protective plastic cap and leaving on the side so the excess water can dry / drain away. 

The box includes:

Magnitone Barefaced cleansing brush (inc brush) x1, a magnetic charger x1, USB cable x1, instruction manual, and warranty card (which you need to register online).
It is also apparent that Magnitone have taken a considerable amount of time ensuring the packaging is right for the product. I for one definitely like it; it's clean, clear and full of the right / important information. It is also very straight forward, not overly complex like I have seen on some products in the past.


I have been using this product for almost 4 weeks, and *touch wood*, I haven't had a breakout of zits! YAY. My main skin complaint is the blemishes; I have dark skin, so the slightest blemish, I scar very easily, and it is a nightmare to fade. I have noticed the blemishes gradually vanishing, and my skin has become a lot smoother. However I have noticed a bit of soreness which isn't down to the cleansing brush itself, it's more the cleanser I am using with this brush (Mario Badsecu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser). As a result, I am ensuring I use a good moisturiser to soothe and I only use the cleansing brush every other day. This allows for my skin to have a break and not become too irritated. 
I have also noticed (a bit gross, so apologies) but blackheads are coming to the surface of my skin a lot easier. Because of this it makes for extracting a lot easier; literally slight manipulation of the skin, and bobs your uncle, out it comes. 

I don't wear make up every single day, only now and again when I go out / attend interviews. But I would say if you decide to get this cleansing brush and you wear make up every day, ensure you remove as much of it as possible. Yes, the cleansing brush will remove it, but you honestly do not want your brush clogged up with make up, and then have dirty make up water spluttering around your bathroom!


The Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush RRP £70.00, however if you are savvy there are places / websites where you can get this for a mere £50.00. However I spotted this gem in TKMaxx / HomeSense, was £50.00, but when I purchased it was Christmas week, and I was lucky to get this for £30.00. Bargain! I personally don't think it is worth the £70.00 price tag, although it is significantly cheaper than Clarisonic.  But if I hadn't seen it for price that I did in HomeSense, then I would have quite happily paid £50.00 for it. 

Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush gets a big thumbs up from me! I am so happy / chuffed that I spotted this little gem whilst christmas shopping browsing. My skin has become softer, smoother and the blemishes I am trying to get rid of are gradually fading. I still have a long way to go but I feel with constant use of this little device, and additional steps added to my skin care routine, by the end of 2017, my skin (I hope) should be in tip-top condition, clear as a bell, smoother and softer than ever.

Have you ever tried a cleansing facial brush? Are you intrigued, or is it not for you?

Would love to hear your thoughts.



  1. This is a great review. I've tried the Clinique cleansing brush and found everyday use was too much for my skin to handle but it really did help with getting a better tone to my skin. Loved reading this review to see how another brush compares!

    Rachel x

    1. Thank you.

      It's such a great product; I'm only sorry I hadn't picked it up sooner lol :)


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