Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Current Favourites

Current Favourites . . . who doesn't love them? This has to be one of the posts I read most on blogs; I find them interesting, but really I'm just nosey to see what people have been purchasing / enjoying as of late.

This year I have literally been buying what I want, when I want, and not being influenced by 'trends' whereby everyone 'has it'. Instead, I have kept away from that train platform, and quite happily stood on my own!  These blog posts I will do from time to time; showcasing what I have been enjoying, giving ideas and inspiration to others who may come across things which may be of interest. So here goes . .current favourites #1.

Shearer Candles 'Tropical Watermelon' Large Candle Tin - £7.00 

I discovered Shearer Candles last summer when I visited Lake Windemere with my Mum. We came across a boutique that sold various tourist items, and in the corner was a section of candles. I kid you not, it smelt absolutely divine; I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, just sniffing and discovering the various candles on display. I purchased 'Tropical Watermelon', and 'Vanilla and Coconut'; both incredibly strong but very distinguishing in scent and longevity. When I burn both of these candles the scent lingers throughout my entire property, and even when I extinguish the flame, for days I can still smell the scent of the candle. Considering these are £7.00 each, I think they are incredibly good value for money.

Nurofen 'Migraine Pain' - £2.75

As of late, I have been suffering with headaches / migraines quite a lot (yes, I know, I need to visit my Dr). I eat / drink plenty so no idea where they are coming from but when they strike, they strike bad to the point of nausea. Without fail I always find myself reaching for my trusty Nurofen Migraine Pain tablets as a means of trying to shift it as quickly as it arrived! Yes, I know there have been reports in the press nurofen tablets are no better than your supermarket own brand, but these work an absolute treat. Literally, within an half an hour, my headache / migraine begins to settle which is a god send. I never leave home without a box stashed away in my handbag. Although I have to admit they are rather expensive for what they are, but for me I know these work, so I don't mind the price tag so much. 

Chanel 'Coco Mademoiselle' Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml - £62.00

I discovered this fragrance 6 years ago, and from then, I have never looked back (although my bank card doesn't quite agree!). A classic, yet signature Chanel fragrance you can smell / know off by heart. I tend to wear this most days, but very sparingly (as a little goes a long way). It is a timeless fragrance which I feel is aimed more towards the younger generation, and it has serious staying power; I can spray this first thing in the morning and by evening I can still smell it. Some fragrances I find can be a bit sickly / heavy, but I find for me personally this very subtle and reasonably light. As with anything Chanel, it's pricey; the 100ml EDT RRP at £79.00, however I managed to get this from Duty Free for £62.00 which I thought wasn't a bad price.

Paula's Choice Youth Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF50 - £32.00

I hate nothing more than heavy day / night creams. I feel like my skin is drowning in product; sticky, greasy, and oily. When I discovered Paula's Choice had a day face cream that was SPF 50 and was light in consistency, I couldn't help but purchase, and I am so glad I did. This cream is an absolute dream; I love it. It is very hydrating, light and non greasy. A pea sized amount goes along way and it sinks well into the skin. Not only does this do the job I wanted in a face cream, but it lasts so long. I purchased this cream in February 2016, and I still have 1/3 left in the tube. I used this a lot whilst on holiday in the Caribbean; with temperatures of 30+ degrees, in the sun most days, the SPF worked incredibly well as I didn't burn. I would also say this is definitely a cream for those with normal / combination / oily skin. As for the price, bargain! £32.00 for a 60ml tube that has lasted almost all year, can't complain!

Jamaican Mango and Lime Black Castor Oil w/ Lavender - £5.99

It is no secret, castor oil is practically the 'beeknees' to gaining thick, shiny, and long hair. I have used castor oil for a number of years, but I always find myself going back to this brand / version of castor oil with lavender. I have seen a significant improvement in my hair; it has become incredibly thick and grows so fast. Even my hairdresser has asked on occasion what oil am I using because she is amazed at how well my hair is doing. The oil is  incredibly pleasant with a good consistency, and I find this bottle lasts me a very long time. Hair oils are never cheap, and if they are, you start to question how authentic is the oil / what are you using. So for me personally, I never go cheap on hair oils because I like to know what I'm putting in my hair. For that reason, I don't mind paying the £5.99+ for this hair oil, as I know it's good and it works!.

Result Sport Therapy Exercise Balls - set of 2 - £7.26

My day job can often be stressful and require lots of typing, which as a result has caused my wrists to go into 'meltdown'. As a way to avoid developing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and other wrists issues, I purchased some exercise balls. Some may say ''what a waste of money'', but actually they have been pretty darn good. Both balls have  2 types of firmness; the pink is soft, and the purple is firm, which make for a great way in working all muscles in the fingers, hands, wrists and forearm. Both of these balls squeezed help to strengthen your wrists and release tension. A few weeks ago, I was in absolute agony, but with constant use and daily stretching, my wrists are a lot better. Not a bad price, however searching a bit harder online, I'm sure I could have got a set for slightly cheaper.

Soap and Glory 'Righteous Butter' - £10.00

I was never really one for the Soap and Glory products until a friend let me borrow her hand cream, and that was it, I was sold! I'm quite particular in what body butters I use, as my skin especially this time of year gets incredibly dry. This cream I have to say is surprisingly very moisturising; my skin doesn't turn to 'ash' by mid morning, and it is creamy in consistency. Not only does it moisturise well, but it smells divine. Personally I think it smells a bit like Chanel Coco Mademoseille? (personal opinion). Now and then I like to add raw shea butter to the cream; this for me gives that little bit extra moisture for my skin especially during these extreme cold temperatures. As for the price, expensive! £10.00 for body butter is not cheap, but it does last a reasonably long time, especially when I add shea butter to the cream.

Hope you enjoyed my current favourites. I'd love to know what are your current favourites? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. The Soap & Glory butter is AMAZING I love it, great post :) x


    1. Smells absolutely divine. It is all I am practically using at the moment :)

      Are you investing in the Soap and Glory 'The Whole Glam Lot' set? Currently on offer; £30 . .bargain! :)


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