Sunday, 27 November 2016

Jamaica 2016

February 2016, I joined the '30 Club'!. Plenty of friends were having birthday parties to celebrate, venturing to big cities to party hard, but I wanted to do something that was memorable and special to me.  So I opted for going to Jamaica for 3 weeks where I could celebrate with my family and a close friend, and soak up some much needed Vitamin D!

I am no stranger to the island of Jamaica; I tend to visit frequently, as I have family who reside there and it's always nice to catch up with those who I don't see on a day to day basis. But everytime I visit I am never bored; there is always new places to visit, things to do and see, food and cocktails to consume, and every visit has always been fun and enjoyable.

Often people say to me ''Is Jamaica just like the pictures in the holiday brochures?'', absolutely, it most definitely is. The sea is turquoise blue, the skies are clear, the sand is pearly white, and the landscape is so green. The colours are just so vivid, and brightening which for me personally instantly lifts my mood.

Accommodation has never been an issue when I visit due to family having their own homes, but from time to time I do like to venture to a hotel for a few days, to really unwind and relax. This trip I visited 2 hotels; Royalton White Sands Falmouth' and 'Club Hotel Riu Ocho Rios'.

The Royalton White Sands I visited for the day of my actual birthday. My friend and I had a day pass which enabled us to enter the premises and use the majority of the facilities available to those residing at the hotel during their vacation. Hotel staff were very friendly and accommodating, and overall it was a nice day. As a treat, I opted to visit the spa; my shoulders and neck are prone to tension so I opted for a one hour massage session to ease the tension I had been suffering. Afterwards, I kid you not, I felt like the female version of 'stretch armstrong'. I felt like I had lengthened significantly in height, but my body felt tension free and really good.
Overall, I found the hotel to be very pleasant; quiet and relaxing.

On the other hand Club Hotel Riu Ocho Rios was a bit more 'livelier', and a lot busier.If you've ever been to a Riu hotel, you will know they are practically more or the less the same, apart from they are just located in various places across the world. Jamaica currently has 3 Riu hotels; Negril, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios, and I stayed in the latter for 4 days.

I had always wanted to stay in this hotel after hearing good reviews, and I could see why. The atmosphere is just constantly 'buzzing', the reps are very interactive, there is always something to do, and the entertainment is pretty good (nothing worse than hotel entertainment being dire!). As for the food, well, you name it, they had it. I couldn't think of anything that was not available in the restaurant, it was insane. The most popular of foods, of course, was traditional Jamaican dishes. For example, if you wanted a traditional Jamaican breakfast, you have to be in the restaurant by 8am, if not, earlier!
Overall, I found the hotel to be really fun; very big, but there is a lot to keep you occupied and busy during your stay.

The majority of holiday brochures tend to photograph a very iconic waterfall, and that is Dunns River Falls. No trip to Jamaica for me is complete without climbing those infamous waterfalls. A very popular tourist attraction, the place gets incredibly busy. My advice - if you intend to go whilst visiting Jamaica, get to the falls early! Apart from the waterfalls, there is also a beach located at the foot of the falls, and various craft stalls. There are also places to get food, but the majority of people tend to bring their own (from what I saw). Fun fact: Any James Bond fans will have spotted said falls in Dr No and Live and Let Die!

Wanting to 'mix' things up a bit, we decided to embark on a Crocodile Safari. Now Crocodiles have teeth, sharp ones, so I wasn't too keen at first but in fact it was a pretty good river cruise tour. Not only did I see crocodiles of various size / length, but it was good to see more of Jamaicas' natural beauty / eco system, and wildlife.
Did you know: Jamaica does not have Alligators, only one specie of Crocodile, the American Crocodile.

3 weeks in Jamaica, I thought would give plenty time to do so much, but before I knew it, the 3 weeks came to a close and it was time to catch that Virgin Atlantic flight back to London. But I had an incredible holiday, fantastic birthday, and my friend thoroughly enjoyed her time. It was also lovely to see my family, who I got to share some of my memories with.

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post. Wish I could jump into the pictures and be in Jamaica instantly. If only, ey . . .

Do you have any holidays booked for 2017? What countries do you have on your wishlist to visit?

Would love to hear your thoughts. 



  1. So beautiful! I have always wanted to do a tour of the Caribbean, and Jamaica's on my list! :)


    1. I cannot recommend Jamaica enough; just a fabulous and beautiful island :)


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